Autonomous nonprofit organization Center for Expert Assessment of the Issues of the World Trade Organization was established by Order of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 78-r as of 28 January 2014 in an effort to support involvement of the Russian Federation with the World Trade Organization, as well as to duly represent the Russian Federation in international disputes handled by WTO’s Dispute Settlement Body.

The Center was established jointly by: the Russian Federation, the Higher School of Economics national research institute and PJSC Sberbank.

The Center has been active since 2014 and is the primary organization in Russia providing legal consultations on the norms and rules of the World Trade Organization.

The Center provides legal support to Russia’s participation in the WTO and consults businesses on the full scope of issues related to domestic support measures and safeguarding Russian exporters’ interests on external markets in the context of Russia’s WTO membership. 

Consultations of the Center also embrace such areas as functioning of regional trade regimes, protection of investments including investment arbitration, government support of domestic industry, and protection of the interests of suppliers of products and services within the EEU.

Our team possesses unique qualification and skills in the legal services market of Russia and the EEU, coupled with practical experience of participation in all stages of proceedings of WTO’s Dispute Resolution Body, research of numerous aspects of WTO law, drafting recommendations, and analysis of consistency of various national legislations with the norms and rules of the WTO.

Uniqueness of each situation prompts one to search for unconventional and brand new decisions. Our ability to find such decisions is what makes the WTO Expertise Center stand out among competitors.